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Department of Economics
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Research Program on Business Taxation

Current Teaching:

Fall 2022, Econ 8185, Advanced Topics in Macroeconomics, 1&2
Fall 2022, Econ 8792, Graduate Workshop
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Recent Research:

Taxes, Regulations, and the Value of US Corporations:
A Reassessment
Minneapolis Fed Staff Report 647
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On the Nature of Entrepreneurship
with A. Bhandari, T. Kass, T. May, E. Schulz
SOI Working Papers, Internal Revenue Service
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A Theory of Business Transfers
with A. Bhandari, P. Martellini
University of Minnesota working paper
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Sweat Equity in U.S. Private Business
with A. Bhandari
Quarterly Journal of Economics, 136(2):727-781, 2021
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What Do Survey Data Tell Us about U.S. Businesses?
with A. Bhandari, S. Birinci, and K. See
American Economic Review: Insights, 2(4): 443-458, 2020
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Response to Bricker, Moore, Volz (2022)

Quantifying Efficient Tax Reform
with J. Boerma
University of Minnesota working paper
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Taxation of Paid- and Self-Employment
with A. Bhandari and Y. Yao
University of Minnesota working paper

On Financing Retirement, Health, and Long-term Care in Japan
with K. Miyachi and A. Peralta-Alva
Minneapolis Fed Staff Report 586
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