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Recent Discussions:

The Exorbitant Tax Privilege
Thomas Wright and Gabriel Zucman
July 2018
NBER Summer Institute, IFM
Download paper, Discussion slides

Session: Modern DSGE Models
Marty Eichenbaum and Harald Uhlig
May 2018
Nobel Symposium on Money and Banking
Download Eichenbaum paper
Download Uhlig paper
Discussion slides, video

Financing Ventures
Jeremy Greenwood, Pengfei Han, and Juan Sanchez
February 2018
Download paper, Discussion

Misallocation or Risk-Adjusted Capital
Joel David, Lukas Schmid, and David Zeke
September 2017
8th Advances in Macro-Finance, Tepper-LAEF Conference
Download paper, Discussion

The Aggregate Implications of Innovative Investment in the GHK Model
Andy Atkeson and Ariel Burstein
July 2017
NBER EFEG meeting
Download paper, Discussion

Monetary Policy According to HANK
Greg Kaplan, Ben Moll, and Gianluca Violante
June 2017
Bank of Portugal Conference
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