Cross Sectional Facts for Macroeconomists

A project sponsored by the Review of the Economic Dynamics. The purpose of the project is to produce a set of papers that document a series of comparable facts regarding the distribution of resources and the evolution of this distribution in several developed and developing countries. These facts should be helpful to macroeconomists who aim to understand and analyze macroeconomic dynamics starting from individual behavior. These facts together, when possible, with the original data used will be made avaialable to other researchers on this website. Facts documented include, among others, the evolution of income, consumption and work distribution over time, the evolution of income and consumption dispersion over age. For more details on these facts please see the guidelines for the preparation of the papers. The papers, provided they'll pass a standard revision process, will be published on a special issue of the Review of Economic Dynamics






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Matthew Brzozowski, Martin Gervais, Pul Klein, Michio Suzuki

Consumption, Income, and Wealth Inequality in Canada


June 2009



Dirk Krueger, Nicola Fuchs-Schündeln, Mathias Sommer

Inequality Trends for Germany in the Last Two Decades: A Tale of Two Countries


June 2009



Tullio Jappelli, Luigi Pistaferri

Does Consumption Inequality Track Income in Italy?


May 2009



Orazio Attanasio, Chiara Binelli

Mexico in the 1990s: the main cross sectional facts


April 2009



Yuriy Gorodnichenko, Klara Sabirianova Peter, Dmitriy Stolyarov

Inequality and Volatility Moderation in Russia: Evidence from Micro-Level Panel Data on Consumption and Income


May 2009



Josep Pijoan-Mas, Virginia Sanchez-Marcos

Spain is Different: falling trends of inequality


June 2009



David Domeji and Martin Floden

Inequality Trends in Sweden 1978-2004


June 2009


United Kingdom

Richard Blundell and Ben Etheridge

Consumption, Income and Earnings Inequality in the UK


June 2009


United States

Jonathan Heathcote, Fabrizio Perri and Gianluca Violante

Unequal We Stand: An Empirical Analysis of Economic Inequality in the United States, 1967-2006


August 2009


- In November 2007 at the PIER/IGIER conference at the University of Pennsylvania a preliminary version of the papers was presented. The program is available here

- First draft of the papers will appear on this site starting June 2008

The editors: Dirk Krueger, Fabrizio Perri, Luigi Pistaferri and Gianluca Violante