Timothy J. Kehoe

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Kim Ruhl and I are looking for ideas,
or it is beer that we are looking for?

Caroline Betts looks up references for a recent paper.

Raphael Bergoeing looks to heaven for inspiration.

Hal Cole looks to beer for inspiration.

Gonzalo Fernández de Córdoba looks to glories from
centuries past for inspiration.

I look to David Levine to tell me about our most recent paper.

Ed Prescott looks to Marx (or is it to traditional econometrics?)
as a source for new ideas.

Claustre Bajona looks serious.

Raimundo Soto, Rapahel Bergoeing, and Betsy Caucutt look to
me for ideas for a good time. Betsy is not a coauthor (yet),
but she is a good economist.

Raphael Bergoeing, and Patrick Kehoe, and I look to take
on the world.

Michele Boldrin looks to me as a source for new ideas.
(Maybe that is why we have not written a paper yet!)

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